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Services Appendix

Appendix A.


1. Electrolytes(sodium, potassium, chlorides and bicarbonates)
2. urea
3. phosphate
4. uric acid
5. protein
6. uric acid(24hr urine)
7. creatinine
8. creatine clearance
9. Magnesium
10. calcium
11. calcium phosphate
12. deoxypyrinoline(urine)
13. Calculus analysis.
14. liver enzymes
15. total protein and albumin
16. bilirubin
17. amylase
18. lipase
19. lipid profile
20. Blood sugars
21. thyroid function test
22. endocrine- reproductive profile
23. others- tumor markers


1. full blood count
2. ESR
3. hemoglobin
4. iron studies
5. antibody screen
6. vitamin B12
7. sicklind and genotype
8. coomb’s tset direct and indirect
9. antenatal screen
10. HIV screening
11. others coagulation studies

1. urine microscopy and culture
2. stool microscopy and culture
3. swab microscopy
4. CSF cell count and microscopy
5. AFB and culture
6. sputum MCS


1. Gynae
2. Non -Gynae


1. immunohistochemistry.


Currently we offer general pathology services including histopathology and cytopathology services, among which are:
 Routine histopathological services for the analysis of all surgical pathological specimens.
 Cytopathology of all fine needle aspiration biopsies and body fluids and aspirates.
 Routine gynecological cytopathology
 Mass screening of organizations for the early detection of malignancies such as the Pap smear for cervical cancer.
 Routine medical examination.
 Screening for pre-malignant and early cancer detection.
 Details of the services we provides is listed in Appendix A


Records are kept of all written reports. Slides and paraffin blocks of all tissues processed are well stored. Request for the release of slides and left over wet tissues for further consultations are entertained. However, left over specimens will only be stored for a maximum of three months from the day of request after which it will be discarded.


On special request only 24hours histopathological processing
For urgent histopathology specimens 48hours
Routine histopathology 5 working days
Urgent non gynaecytology 24 hours
Non-gynae cytology 48 hours
Gynae cytology 1 week
Autopsy (including peri-natal) 2 weeks

All the above times are for specimens received before 12 noon.
Specimens received after 12 noon will be processed on the following day.


This will not be available for organs which, required specialized tests as aid to diagnosis e.g. suspected viral hepatitis and glonerlonephritides. The following specialized screen is a comprehensive screening designed for women to detect pre-malignant and early cancers of the cervix, breast and ovaries in addition to a routine medical check up. The gentleman screening is a comprehensive screening to detect prostate cancers in men over 50years of age.